Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reaching the Unreachable...

Wow! What a week! We currently had our mid-Winter break here at Hope and boy was it sure nice to be home for awhile. The week before break I was asked to become a part of Residential Life here at Hope in a matter of days! It was crazy to me to think, "Me?! An RA?!" After I found out that they were considering me I did a LOT of praying. I had so much to think about and not very long to answer. I prayed long and hard and finally decided that this would be a wonderful opportunity to get to know more girls and also I would be getting paid, which is a HUGE bonus. I met with the Resident Director and we made plans for me to move in to my new room the following week which happened to be this past week. So here I am now. Sitting on my single, double-mattress, extremely high bed that I have to climb a desk to get on, soaking in what it means now that I am an official RA. I have to say, I am loving it so far. I think my biggest fear of moving clusters was leaving my roomie and my cluster girls. I prayed a lot this past summer that Maddie, my roommate, and I would get a cluster that was a lot of fun, loved God, and respected the boundaries and let me just say God went above and beyond when He answered that prayer. Even though I had fears, I still trusted that I would get to know these new girls and would learn to love them just as I love my old cluster. So this past Tuesday, I gathered my belongings,  and headed on down the hallway to experience a new adventure. What I've learned so far? These girls are so sweet, funny, hard-working and driven. I cannot wait to see what He has in store for me and the girls the rest of the semester. I think that this was the hardest part...not knowing. I had no idea what these girls were going to be like, how they would like me, IF they would like me, and how much they would need me. I think I've really began to understand God's love through this whole experience. I was nervous and scared and I needed the acknowledgement that this was the right step to take but for a second I thought that He was unreachable. I am humbled by the fact that we have NO IDEA how deep His love for us really is. It is "vast and beyond all measure" to quote from a song. The love He has for me is what helps me know that I am making the right decisions. Sometimes I hesitate and wonder, is God really there? And then I look outside my window at the rain and remember that how could all of this that is created just go BOOM! one day and that's that. I personally love rain. Some may say it is depressing but my favorite, when I was younger, was going out and jumping on the trampoline while it was pouring rain on a warm summer's day. As I got older my favorite place to be became my front porch. I loved to sit out there while it rained after a long day of helping out my parents around the house and just rock on the swing. I could feel God there, I felt as though I could reach him there. I would sit and just listen. Sometimes my family would come out and we would sit and listen together or we would laugh about the day's events or the crazy thing my brother built that day. The thing about rain is that I believe it is God's way of cleaning the world. It makes people tend to stay inside with their families or go to the movies with someone you love cause you haven't seen one or been out in ages. It creates time when everything seems to slow down and be not quite as hectic. Some days I find it especially hard to reach God. Maybe with a new room, new cluster and new people this semester I will find time to sit alone in my room and reach for God. I cannot even begin to describe to you the business of my week and I know many of you are the exact same way. Find a time in your crazy lives to sit and enjoy the rain or go run in it! Enjoy the beautiful weather and the wonderful gift that God has given to you.

Grace & Peace

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